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>>> Infoveranstaltung am Samstag 11.10. um 20Uhr im AZ <<<
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30.04.2013 Warm up for resistance – Demonstration – Prelude of the campaign „Kein Tag Ohne“

(deutsche Version)

Demo: Tuesday, 30. April, 2013, 20h (punctual!)
Meeting point: is going to be announced shortly beforehand
Last infos: twitter.com/unsersquat

The Autonomous Centre Köln (AZ Köln) has been founded three years ago with a squatting action of an empty building in Köln-Kalk. Since then it has been shaped by a huge variety of people into a self-organized and self-determined space for emancipatory politics, for non-commercial art and culture. In the meantime a use contract has been eked out in confrontations with the cities authorities.