30.04.2013 Warm up for resistance – Demonstration – Prelude of the campaign „Kein Tag Ohne“

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Demo: Tuesday, 30. April, 2013, 20h (punctual!)
Meeting point: is going to be announced shortly beforehand
Last infos: twitter.com/unsersquat

The Autonomous Centre Köln (AZ Köln) has been founded three years ago with a squatting action of an empty building in Köln-Kalk. Since then it has been shaped by a huge variety of people into a self-organized and self-determined space for emancipatory politics, for non-commercial art and culture. In the meantime a use contract has been eked out in confrontations with the cities authorities.
This contract has now been cancelled and is going to end on the 30th of June 2013. According to the plans of the local ruling parties, here especially on pressure of the social democrats (SPD), the building shall be evicted by police and a park ( or better a green stripe ) shall be established on top of its debris. This has to be resisted and averted.

Two months before the use contract ends, on Tuesday the 30th of April, on the eve of 1st of May, the AZ is initiating the prelude of the campaign „Kein Tag Ohne“ (Not a single day without AZ) with a warm-up for resistance demonstration.

With this loud and resolute demonstration we will make clear that an eviction is no option for us. We won’t watch paralysed how the city’s politrix is destroying self-determined spaces one by one and subordinates the life of the people to the interests of commerce and capital.

We believe that a city must entail spaces for non-commercial ateliers and workshops, rooms for sport, meetings and rehearsals, public kitchens, bars, concerts and parties. A city’s politrix who’s business is to destroy those self-determined spaces has to expect our collective resistance and rejection.


This demonstration does not aim direct confrontation with the police. But we call for resolute action in case the police attacks the demonstration or tries to stop it. Form affinity groups and be prepared for any case. Prepare potential actions and meeting points or affiliate with spontaneous actions in the broader surroundings of the demo. Take good care of each other!

1st of May

Come to Cologne on the 30th of May and let us head towards the various 1st of May demonstrations in NRW on the next morning:

– Antifa demonstration in Dortmund: impede the march of the fascist party „Die Rechte“
– Autonomous 1st of May demonstration in Wuppertal
– Libertarian 1st of May demonstration in Bonn

If you need a place to sleep in Cologne just get in contact with us by writing an email to unsersquat(ät)riseup.net, with the subject „Schlafplatz 30.4“

See you on the streets, see you at AZ Köln

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