Welcome to the Autonomous Centre Cologne!

Welcome to the Autonomous Centre Cologne!

Here you’ll find some rare pieces of information about our squat in english. The most important straight away: you will find the Autonomous Centre (AZ) open during the events which are announced in the calendar.

The building was squated on 16th April 2010. After one week of struggle for the house in march 2011, it got a legal treaty, which allowed us to use the house without paying rent. Unfortunately the city government buyed the building and wanted us to move out. After a long fight with the city, we finally got a new building in Cologne in September 2013. Now you can find us in Luxemburger Str. 93. If you want to visit us via Subway you have to take the line 18 to „Eifelwall“.

Texts in English

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About the Autonomous Space

The autonomous space is a meeting place for organised and non-organised people of diverse social, political and cultural relations. It provides a non-commercial area for exhibitions, information meetings, group meetings, concerts, parties, bar, cinema and much more. As far as this is possible the offered activities are free or at least low priced. […] In the autonomous space non-party politics and culture are persued along emancipatory contents. Here collective forms of cohabitation an coworking can be tried out, reflected and enhanced. […] The succes of the activities and the continuity of the autonomous space always rests in the responsibility of the visitors, who always consider themselves as an acting subject and not as passive consumers.

(from the AZ’s user guide)