You wanna kick us out? We kick you out now!

(deutsche version)

First reactions on the termination of the use contract of Autonomous Centre Cologne (AZ Kalk).

The savings bank Sparkasse KölnBonn has cancelled the use contract with the AZ at the 13th of March 2013, as demanded by the politrix of the city of Cologne. Reactions of concerned and solidary structures were quick to come. Activists made a visit to the town hall and the head office of Sparkasse at Rudolfplatz on the following day. Later in the evening around 200 people made a spontaneous demonstration through the city centre.

„This step has been foreseen. However, we are filled with rage and one thing must be clear: There is no way to force us onto the defensive, instead we are starting now into an eclectic and colourful spring of action – have fun dear city and Sparkasse!“ did comment Beate Setzerin on the termination of the contract.

The day started at 16h when about 20 disguised activists made a visit to the historic town hall and the main office of Sparkasse at Rudolfplatz. In staged performances „official“ notices of termination has been handed over to staff of those two institutions. Therein the political discourse of Sparkasse and city politrix has been dismissed, as well as their claimed authority over the affairs of the AZ. The regained autonomy has been celebrated then with sparkling wine and paper streamers.

In the evening around 200 supporters of the AZ followed a call for a sponti [1] and gathered at the Dom [2].

Enlightened by pyrotechnics the sponti headed through the city centre and loudly postulated “Kein Tag ohne Autonomes Zentrum”, “Kein Gott, kein Staat, kein Mietvertrag” or “Miete verweigern, Kündigung ins Klo, Häuser besetzen sowieso” [3] which underlined the announcement that the building that hosts the AZ at Wiersbergstrasse 44 won’t be evacuated voluntarily. The front transpi did already made clear that an eviction is no option: „Die Luft wird brennen, wenn ihr uns nicht atmen lasst“ [4]. The sponti smoothly headed towards Rudolfplatz were it eventually dissolved without arrests before a large number of police units could gather.

Late at night another „announcement“ had been brought to the district town hall in Kalk [5] that dismissed the district politrix „authority about the concerns of the AZ“ as well. It states: „Referring to all peoples right to the city we announce to you that we won’t let this right to be withdrawn from us. We will continue to reclaim the city and the space that we need. We demand from you that you leave your broom house-trained [6] and to abdicate without the use of violence, in order to free up space for the self-determination of the people of this city. Courts are not to be implemented but to be eaten [7].“

[1] a spontaneous demonstration

[2] the city’s main cathedral at central station

[3] in the sense of: „Not a single day without Autonomous Centre!“, „No god! No country! No lease!“, „Refuse to pay rent! Dismissal down the drain! Squat buildings anyway!“

[4] in the sense of: „The air will burn if you do not let us breath“

[5] the neighbourhood where the AZ resides

[6] spoofing a formal clause in German tenancy agreements that state that n contract termination one has to leave the house or apartment empty and swept clean.

[7] the German word for Court and Dish is the same (Gericht). The slogan „Gerichte werden nicht vollzogen, sondern gegessen“ is spoofing this meaning by saying that „A dish cannot be implemented but only be eaten“.